About the Socialpreneur

Online Disruptive Influencer Marketing

I am an influencer that specializes in disruptive marketing.

Starting in April 2017, I created my first video called how to sell a Golf GTI. Working part time at a Car Dealership and unable to make any sales I decided to try to sell it on Facebook. Although it didn’t sell, being Indian, it was very relatable to some Indians and my Facebook Creator career started. Following the first video I started to create content to entertain my audience which slowly turned into a business for me as I acquired sponsorships on the way.

Today, I aim at growing my network even further. I have had more than 100 clients from small businesses to large corporates. I have also promoted international and local artists on my videos.

My videos alone have had more than 16 million views. I am studying towards my Facebook Certification and have been accepted into the Facebook Creator program which is a huge achievement for me. Facebook Creators are recognized internationally and will soon be the new trend in South Africa.

This inspired me to create my own website where I can show support to local businesses of all sizes as well as entertain my audience. Being South African and well experienced in the struggle, it is my aim to help businesses grow while having fun.

Furthermore I now have a Social Media Agency called The Socialpreneur is Marketing where we specialize in Socia Media Marketing. We manage our clients pages, plan and create effective campaigns and target the right audience within their industry to get them business. If you have a business that needs to grow online, contact us for an evaluation asap.