Nissan GTR R36 is not happening

Nissan is confused ekse. They reckon they dont know what they wana do with the GTR

The picture you see here is just a concept car. A vision of what the new GTR will look like. Infact I have see so many over the years that it confuses me. Look at this one here.

Ok this looks like an american designed it right.

This look like a honda

This look like a video game

But over the past few years we have had teasers from many different people trying to figure out what the new GTR is gonna look like. But what naars me out is that Nissan themselves dont even know what engine they gonna dala in them. The engineers dont know whether to fut a Hybrid engine, or just leave a petrol inside or maybe even dala a full electric like that bra from Tesla

Now what does this mean for ous like you and me thats dreaming about this mardhir chod car? Well it means that the R35 will still be in production for the next few years atleast. Its only gonna get more expensive as time is vying and we are also gonna cry even more cos we got no crown to buy it. When the R35 first came out it was expensive, someone around the 1 bar mark but now its just vying up and up. Over 2 bars in some specs. By the time the R36 comes out we are F#%%ed ekse. We gonna be graffing our ar$e off and wont be able to smell this thing.

But the question is simple. We all need to give our input on this thing whether we can afford it or not. Whether we owned one or not. Even if we never drove one in our lives or never will, we must have our opinion on this one important thing…. Should the next GTR be hybrid or not?

I reckon they must dala one 200kw electric motor in it and make it like the Mclaren and Ferrari hybrids. You cant go wrong ekse.

Whats your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section on Facebook or if you find a comment section on this website dala. Im not sure if there is a comment section here cos i dont know how to put it so im taking a chance and hoping it might magically appear at the bottom. Lets all pray together and hope


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